Thank you to those that attended the banquet held on April 28th, 2019 at Rideau District Highschool in Elgin and helping in making it the success it was.  Neil and Martha Kudrinko served approximately 300 people with an excellent meal, which was accompanied by the award presentations and a silent auction.
Awards were presented as follows:
Bantam Rep team was presented with a banner for being the playoff Champions.
Novice C was provided a League Championship plaque.
Bantam B2 was provided a plaque for that level’s league Most Sportsmanlike Team.
The IP Program Participants were presented with mini sticks and certificates.
For the David McCarthy Goaltender of the Year Memorial Trophy, it was decided to have a Junior Goaltender of the Year and a Senior Goaltender of the Year, those awards were as follows:
Junior Goaltender of the Year – Aidan Clarke – Atom Rep
Senior Goaltender of the Year – Spencer McCann & Nick Leroux – Bantam Rep
Team awards were as per the below:
Team Most Improved Most Dedicated Most Sportsmanlike Top Offensive Player Top Defensive Player
Novice C Isaac “IZ” Khan Grundy Eli Hartin Vinny St. Denis Sawyer Brisson William Dier
Novice B Owen Green Lexton Mallette Tristan Kendall Mark McKerlich Caelan Flynn
Novice Rep Kale McGuire Nolan McCann Ty Bryan Ty Bryan Samantha Salo
Atom C Parker Maitland Eamon Morrison Quinton Coon Parker Maitland Preston Thompson
Atom B Drew Cowan Cameron Cumpson Liam Bucholtz Orien Cowan Justin Taite
Atom Rep Jett Bruyere Aidan Clarke Rory Shanks Rory Shanks Ethan Watkins
Peewee C Gavin Last Connor McMasters Nick Burley Mitchel Miller Gavin Last & Landan Dunster
Peewee B Ethan Ross Ethan Colley Joe Bresee Owen Colley Jory Leakey
Bantam B1 Ethan Hall-Kingsbury Bobby Ross & Waylon Bell Alex Nathan Bobby Ross Garrett Bell
Bantam B2 Cameron Day Alex Struthers Andrew Taite Reagan Donnelly Bryan Scott
Bantam Rep Evan Carroll Brock Seed Liam Simpson Cody McCann Joseph Brownson
Midget House Hunter Bresee Colby Whan Vincent Lecompte Hunter Bresee & Vincent Lecompte Colby Whan
Midget Rep Jacob McElroy Ryan Judson Luke Callaghan Kohle McCulloch Nicholas McConnell
The old Rideaus jerseys were laid out along the floor and free for the taking.  The leftovers will be going on service from Lasalle Secondary School to a third world country.
We would welcome any and all feedback on the banquet so that we can make it that much better for next season.  Please provide your feedback on the banquet or anything else you wish to provide feedback on to