Coaching can be one of the rewarding and fulfilling experiences for adults in minor hockey. It gives parents the opportunity to spend high-value time with their children, and their friends, in a fun and spirited environment. The Leeds Chargers encourages all members who are interested to consider coaching.  All coaching is provided on a volunteer basis for all of the teams in the association

Typically most teams are comprised of a head coach, two or three assistant coaches in order to facilitate all practice and game situations.

Most head coaches come with a stronger technical background in hockey having participated in their youth, but do not be intimidated to put your name forward for an assistant coach position. Some of the best coaches in our association have leveraged skills they have learned elsewhere – sports, work, service – and applied it well to the hockey context. Don’t let the skating worry you..........sometimes the kids learn better when one of the coaches is humble enough to learn it with them!

Coach Selection

The Leeds Minor Hockey Association has completed the coach selection process for the current season.

Selection of coaches is made in late July for the upcoming season. All Coaches require certifications to be coach – which includes being on the ice, in the dressing rooms, and on the bench.  Please visit the other tabs under “Coaching” on our website for more information.

Coaching Resources

U9 Coaching Resource Guide

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