We are very excited to be photographing your team and individual Leeds Chargers Minor Hockey portraits.  Below is some useful information for your session.

WHEN:  Saturday, Sept 28, 2019 (final schedule to be available soon).

WHERE:  Athens Arena (upstairs hall).

HOW:  Our system is designed to take up to three pictures of each athlete: team photo, individual photo and an optional buddy/sibling photo. The team photos are then professionally designed on an off-site computer, eliminating unnecessary wait time for the team photo to be taken. Once you have been photographed individually you are free to leave.


  • Print and fill out the attached PN PLAYER FORM and give to player to hand to photographer at the photo shoot.
  • We ask that players arrive 10 minutes early with their PN PLAYER FORM filled out (with or without order).
  • Players are asked to dress in full uniform including skates.  Please come to the hall already dressed in uniform and put skates on upstairs.   We will have mats for skates but skate guards are also helpful.  They do NOT need neck guards or helmets.  Goalies are asked to bring their helmets if they want to use it as a prop in their photo.
  • Team staff are also invited to be in the team photo.  It is recommended that team staff wear matching clothing if possible (team jacket/shirt or plain black).
  • Your team will decide if you will be in home or away jerseys and if they are smiling or serious in team photo (individual photo is their choice).
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Etransfer (email: berni@portraitsnow.ca, password: PNSports2019).
  • We will gladly photograph players with a sibling(s) from another sport, just have them come in their respective uniform to the session.

Please email me if you have any questions at all before the sessions.  We will also have extra forms and staff available to answer any questions on site.


Thank you,
Berni Scott
General Manager
Portraits Now